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Activated alumina is manufactured from aluminium hydroxide by dehydroxylating it in a way that produces a highly porous material; this material can have a surface area significantly over 200 square metres/g. The compound is used as a desiccant (to keep things dry by absorbing water from the air) and as a filter of fluoride, arsenic and selenium in drinking water.
It is made of aluminium oxide (alumina), the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies (but without the impurities that give those gems their color). It has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio. That means it has a lot of very small pores, almost like tunnels, that run throughout it.


The bigger sizes Mesh 1-2 Mesh 3-4Mesh and 5-8 Mesh are used as silica gel Breathers in transformers and it is important component of any transformer so as to remove dust particles and keep moisture out of the Breather.

Types of breather Body

Made of Polycarbonate body which enables us to know the color changing process of Blue Silica gel inside, after absorption so as to change with new silica gel inside, type with Aluminum & ABS die cast top & bottom caps with Transparent Acrylic or Polycarbonate tube body Silica Gel container of different diameter & height depends upon the Silica Gel filling capacity. Available in different end connections of Thread & flange type as per client’s specification and requirement.
It has a aluminum body with a window to show the Oil level inside, it is fitted with Aluminum Die-Cast top & bottom caps with aluminum body Silica gel container of different diameter & height depending upon the Silica Gel filling capacity. Available in different end connections Thread & flange type as per client’s specification and requirements.


  • Oil cooled transformers.
  • Lubricants Protection.
  • Diesel tank.
  • Diesel fuel storage tanks.
  • Petrol tank.
  • Agriculture equipment.
  • Stationary and mobile hydraulic systems.
  • Hydraulic Power Packs.
  • Turbines.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Feed pumps.
  • Switch gears.
  • Bearing Protection.

Silica gel Breather work Process

Silica gel Breather is in Dark Blue color which is in Crystal or Beads form used in the transparent type Polycarbonate/Acrylic Breathers so as to indicate absorption of moisture through change in the Color from Blue to Pink in (Crystals) and from Blue to White in (Beads) . This grade of Silica Gel is called as “indicating grade” of Silica Gel.
Usually indicating grade of Silica Gel, which is filled in the breather, is Dark blue crystals, which has cobalt content in it which absorbs moisture intimating the saturation degree by changing color from Dark Blue to Pink.
Below are the Indication stages of silica gel as per absorption
First Stage: - Dark Blue color Initially.
Second Stage: -  Light Pink after absorption up to 20% of its weight
Last Stage: - completely saturated with moisture. (Absorbed water for about 35 - 40% of its weight).
In the above process Silica gel Crystals 6-8MM and 4-6MM size are used, sometimes instead of Silica gel Dark Blue crystals silica gel Blue Beads are also used size of 1-2mm of 2-4mm sized beads. However cobalt is used for the Indication of silica gel Blue, we also offer Silica gel Orange which has no cobalt content inside and can be used as indication from Orange to Light Green on absorption.
Periodic dehumidification of Silica Gel crystals & removal of dust particles from breathed air is necessary. The silica gel can be regenerated through heating it up at 150ํC for about 2 Hours or until the color becomes Blue again.

Silica gel pouches

Oxygen Absorbers

Silica Gel Indicating includes Silica gel Orange Beads (Color changes to Light Green)

The Indicating form of Silica gel are in different colors which provide a visual indication after change in color to know that moisture has been absorbed and Silica gel needs to be changed on that note.
Silica Gel Indicating includes Silica gel Orange Beads (Color changes to Light Green), Silica gel Blue Crystals and Beads (Color changes to Light Pink and white respectively) with their wide range of applications where visual inspection becomes vital important so as to remind using active form of Silica gel again.
Silica gel Orange is used in breathers which are the most Eco-Friendly Indicating Silica gel as it does not contain Cobalt in it, they can also be used in Pouch form for indication from Orange to Light Green color.
Same applications apply for Silica gel Blue in Breather and Pouches which includes Cobalt content in its composition which is been restricted by few companies and Countries in world.
Changing color implies the time taken to absorb moisture and due to which it becomes easy to exchange the treatment with a new lot of Silica gel with the existing one.

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Silica Canisters

Silica Canisters are small HDPE two side caps in cylindrical shape with Silica gel and other desiccants been packed inside,
Having pores on both the side of the caps which enables the desiccant to suck the moisture present inside the bottles to keep the tablets dry and avoiding them to stick each other due to moisture. Also used for automatic insertion of desiccants in specialized Packaging operations for the pharmaceutical industry.

The canister are available in different sizes which accommodates most size bottles, which are available in only Silica gel or also in 2in1 canisters means Silica gel + Activated carbon.

Gram size: 1gram, 2gram and 3 Gram.

Type:Silica gel, Silica gel + Activated Carbon

Absorption Mode:Two side pores, One side closed second side Absorbing Paper

what is silica gel ?

Asia Packaging Silica gel is a granular or round beads form of silica gel in Indicating or Non-Indicating form that is made synthetically from sodium silicate. It is non-hazardous and can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water vapor at 100% humidity. Being solid substance that is extremely porous, capable of absorbing high levels of moisture, it has higher moisture adsorption capacity of any commercial desiccant making it one of the most effective ingredients for products designed to prevent corrosion during transportation and storage.

Numbers of products are manufactured according to client’s requirement using silica gel as a desiccant, against the continuously innovative ideas and immense amount of advancement in Packaging sector of the pharmaceutical units.


Silica gel canisters,
Desiccated Bottle caps,
Silica gel vials,
Silica gel Pouches,
Silica gel Chromatography
Silica gel Breathers 
From pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers, Research centers to API units,
Asia Packaging is one of the leading providers of desiccants.

Our experts will be happy to help you and determine the silica gel products which might best suit your needs and suffice your requirements.

Silica gel White is referred to as being Non-indicating Silica gel which comes in different Mesh sizes, the granular sizes are different which vary in sizes as mentioned below, they are used according to the packing patterns into Pouch forms to keep products Dry.

They are DMF free and Cobalt free into best permit able Non-woven cloth so as to absorb 30-40% of Moisture.

The use of Indicating silica gel can also be a great help, it is a simple yet effective way to ensure that moisture levels remain at a minimum. Not only does indicating silica gel absorb surrounding moisture, it also changes colors as it does so. The more moisture the silica gel absorbs, the less effective it eventually becomes. Once it reaches its saturation point, indicating silica gel will turn to a specific color, signaling it should be replaced.

Available sizes 0.5,1,2,3,5,10,25, 50,100,250, 500grams,1Kg and 2Kg.