Friday 23 October 2015

How to use the Oxygen absorbers ????

Oxygen Absorbers  are Food grade desiccants, which absorbs Oxygen which is the main cause of Food products getting rotten.

Food products get Oxidized which causes them to get spoiled, Oxygen absorber kept along with the Food products protects them against the Oxidation process which eliminates the Food products to get spoiled and increases their shelf life.

The oxygen absorber can be bifurcated in two kinds:
1) Iron series self-reaction: - Utilizes the chemical reaction of iron and oxygen. It will absorb the oxygen in the food package in order to lengthen the food’s preserving period.
2) organic series self-reaction:- The main composition which is organic material, which makes the airtight container under a oxygen-free condition so that the oxygen will not affect the food.

1. Application of oxygen absorbers:
It keeps the foods from oxidation, mildew and rust by absorbing the oxygen in the container. It is suitable not only for fried foods but also for various kinds of foods with low or high moisture content.
1) Protects the breed, Biscuits, Coffee, Tea, Pulses, Sausage, cookie, steamed bread, aquatic product, cake, against mold and bacteria to get rid of rot.
2) Get rid of oxidation from Peanut kernel, container desiccants in mumbai,fried cookie, dairy product and potato chips.
Color change and keep the taste and smell of the food.
3) Keep taste and nutrition of Green tea, seaweed, dry vegetable, coffee etc.
4) Get rid from pest, rust. Precision parts, clothes, furry, Painting and calligraphy, precious metals, pharmaceuticals.
2.Components Of Oxygen Absorbers:
iron Oxide
activated carbon

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