Friday 23 October 2015

How to get the container desiccants and its useful applications???

container desiccants in mumbai leave behind less residual moisture than most other types of desiccant bags. Desiccant bags also performs well at elevated temperatures and will not release absorbed moisture at less than 350° F. This is an important consideration when shipping products during variable weather conditions.

oxygen absorbers in mumbai,Desiccant bags will reduce the humidity in a sealed enclosure to a -100° F dew point in about 10 hours or less. Materials packaged with these desiccant bags are protected from corrosion and other harmful effects of moisture contamination.

Silica gel packets have become an essential part of modern packing, because even when the goods are carefully packed it can be damaged by moisture. So Silica gel packets are used by industries like Leather & Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Hardwares, Textile, Computer accesories, Home Appliances etc while packing their goods. Silica gel packets can prevent the goods from Fungus, Foul Smell, Electronic Circuit Fault, Rust, Decolorisation etc...

Silica Gel Packets are available in Non Woven Cloth and Tyvek Paper. We supply Silica gel sachets of White Silica Gel (Non Indicating Silica Crystals), Blue Silica Gel (Indicating Silica Crystals) and Silica Gel Beads.

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