Wednesday 25 November 2015

Silica Canisters

Silica Canisters are small HDPE two side caps in cylindrical shape with Silica gel and other desiccants been packed inside,
Having pores on both the side of the caps which enables the desiccant to suck the moisture present inside the bottles to keep the tablets dry and avoiding them to stick each other due to moisture. Also used for automatic insertion of desiccants in specialized Packaging operations for the pharmaceutical industry.

The canister are available in different sizes which accommodates most size bottles, which are available in only Silica gel or also in 2in1 canisters means Silica gel + Activated carbon.

Gram size: 1gram, 2gram and 3 Gram.

Type:Silica gel, Silica gel + Activated Carbon

Absorption Mode:Two side pores, One side closed second side Absorbing Paper

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