Wednesday 8 July 2015

Silica Gel Pouches | Silica Gel Packages

Moisture molecules are always present in the air there is a substantial amount of moisture in what seems to be dry atmosphere, which adversely affects the products and causes an immense amount of damage.
Moisture effects the toughest of the Packaging protections like fiber, glass and HDPE bottles, corrugated boxes and penetrates through layers of your protective shields.
Enormous amount of precious products are damaged due to moisture cardboard boxes get pale, electronic equipments catch fungus, metal components corrode, iron and copper products get mold and Rust, silica gel pouches in mumbai Export consignments get effected due to condensation and become unfit for usage. 
Pharmaceutical products like Tablets (Hard and Soft Gelatin), powder form of chemicals, construction chemicals, dry syrup, Ayurvedic products & Nutracuticals are also affected heavily Archeived.

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